Torana A9X sedan on the block

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

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Modded hero car presents a couple of interesting choices

Torana A9X sedan on the block
A9X Toranas are hot property at the moment.

Shannons in Sydney is putting an A9X Torana on the market next Monday night, and the big question for any potential purchaser would be whether you’d leave it alone, or take it back to stock, or maybe even dress it up as a Group C car.

Prices for these limited-run Toranas (305 sedans, 100 hatchbacks and 33 lightweight competition shells) have been picking up in recent times, with a hatch in Queensland (via Lloyds) recently fetching $260,000.

They were Holden’s hero performance car for a while, enjoying extraordinary racetrack success in the hands of drivers such as the late Peter Brock.

Dead stock cars are what most people are chasing, given their historical value, however there are a number of modified examples. This is one of them and it presents as a good clean car. The mechanical upgrades are extensive and many are a period fit, such as the Simmons wheels.

The car comes with the all-important original paperwork and, as a bonus, a period Torana dealership sign.

Shannons is estimating $75-85,000 on this one.

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