Gippsland Vehicle Collection - Club Tales

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As with most good ideas, this one started with a conversation over a few beers.

Gippsland Vehicle Collection - Club Tales
The Maffra venue is a popular car club destination.

It all started when a rally event made its way through our hometown of Maffra. One of the local car clubs organised a display of vehicles on the main street that the whole community enjoyed. Later that day, there was a function in the community hall that a couple of mates and I attended. Anyway, we started having a few beers and thought it was such a shame that all those terrific vehicles were going to be put back in their sheds not to be seen again. 

So we decided to not only put together a club of our own, but to start a motor museum to display all of our vehicles. We managed to find an abandoned building on Sale Rd in Maffra that was suitable for a museum, and after getting the go-ahead from the council we got to work, and turned it into what it is today.

Since then, ‘The Maffra Shed’ has displayed over 3200 vehicles and has seen nearly 94,000 visitors. We rotate a new set of cars through every four months, each time representing a different theme.

The themes that we showcase go anywhere from American muscle, to vintage off-road vehicles, all the way to stationery farm machinery. You never know what you’re gonna get.

The museum is run entirely by volunteers, which is really wonderful. The Gippsland Vehicle Collection is a really tight-knit community who do a wonderful job of keeping the place running.

We currently have over 650 members who meet up regularly, a lot of whom go through us for their club registration. The members have monthly breakfast runs, barbecues and general get-togethers in the museum grounds all the time. The types of cars that the members bring is really diverse, there really is something for everyone.


1A Sale Road, Maffra, VIC, 3860

Peter Quennell

Phone: (03) 5147 3223


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