Commodore VB SL/E + Ferrari F50 - the cars that got away

By: Cliff Chambers, Unique Cars magazine

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FERRARI F50 APR 05 Ferrari F50 FERRARI F50 APR 05

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Commodore VB SL/E + Ferrari F50 - the cars that got away
Good VB Commodores are now in demand.

Holden VB SL/E 4.2 – February 2004

Despite the money poured into  promoting the Commodore and a timely 1-2-3 result in the 1979 Repco Trial, the German-designed Holden was never regarded as truly ‘Aussie’. No matter that the four-disc SL/E stopped and handled better than any Kingswood or Premier, resale values weren’t flash and when the power windows and plastic dash fell to bits, SL/Es like this car were crushed by the thousands and exported. Now, with few surviving and prices soaring, anyone who ditched a good SL/E rather than spend a bit on maintenance will now be sobbing.

Then $7450 Now $24 -28,000

Ferrari F50 – April 2005

The words ‘ideal Club Sport track car’ translate as ‘If you think you can register this thing anywhere in Australia, you’re dreaming’. However for a committed buyer with the very best part of a million bucks parked in the bottom drawer that wasn’t much of a deterrent. Just 349 F50s were built from 1995-97 to celebrate the company’s 50th anniversary and all were LHD. Several came to Australia but this is the only one painted in scarce Giallo Modena yellow. It reportedly was used quite a bit for track days before being sold to another Australian collector.

Then $950,000 Now $ $1.8-2.0 million

(Published issue 382)

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