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Join us for a wander into the weird and wonderful mindscape that is Faine's shed.

Jon Faine's Shed - home page
Peeking in Faine's shed is never dull.


Mechanical incontinence - Faine 422
When is a leak not a leak? - A fine legal mind is brought to bear on this and other related complex questions

How not to go to a swap meet - Faine 421
Jon's swap meet etiquette

Shed-borne suffering - Faine 420
Jon is about to fix something and it isn't pretty

Car selling rules - Faine 419
Jon's rules for selling cars

Citroen DS23 leather trim restoration - Faine 418
Jon lathers up the leather and a sweat as well, cleaning his Citroen's old cracked cowhides

Books on cars - Faine 417
Jon loves books. And cars. And books about cars

Nuts & bolts - Faine 416
Is the nut 'n' bolt bloke involved in a wicked conspiracy?

Citroen DS23 headlight adjustment - Faine 415
Jon kneels, seeking salvation and improved headlights

Reunited with an old flame - Faine 414
Jon says arrivederci to the Alfa and reunites with his his old Jag

Alfa Spider troubles - Faine 413
The 1976 Alfa Romeo Spider has been giving me a hard time

Coachbuilding project on the 1926 Citroen B2 - Faine 412
Do you improvise as you work on your car? Or are you the type who fanatically follows the step-by-step procedures in the manual?

Close encounters with a bandsaw - Faine 411
Getting the bandsaw back together

Short Fuse - Faine 410
Another reason why Jon is not an auto electrician

1976 Alfa Spider update - Faine 409
Jon proves that it's not easy having a good time particularly when you go and buy and old Alfa

Don't mention the car - Faine 408
Secrets and lies or "easier to seek forgiveness than permission"

Citroen DS23 trim - Faine 407
Jon cuts a dashing figure in the attempt to transform the Pallas to full leather

A near miss - Faine 406
A big fright has Jon Faine checking out his insurance cover

Reconditioned Leather Seats - Faine 405
Jon Faine gets busy with the elbow grease as he attempts to put suppleness back into the Citroen's old leather pews.

Installing the 'new' seats in the Citroen DS - Faine 404
Replacing the velour seats in the Citroen DS with the nice low-mileage leather set can't be too hard. Surely. Turns out Jon found it to be a bit of a challenge

eBay strikes again - Faine 403
He's done it again. Try as he might Citroen Boy can't resist eBay's seductive charms. He's come home again with yet another shedload of equipment

Leather car seats  for the Citroen DS - Faine 402
It offends my eye everytime I see it - velour came in several tones but never grey, says Jon

Citroen boat tail part 2 - Faine 401
Jon's back on the job but will his rediscovered zeal last?

Scam ads - Faine 400
Faine reckons we need to 'out' the idiots

BSF - Faine 399
Jon 'one nut' Faine has reached the end of his tether

Rooftop in a roof - Faine 398
Faine strikes it lucky with a hardtop for his softop Alfa Spider

A love letter (Citroen Pallas DS) - Faine 397
How often has a car broken your heart?

Swap meet and eye protection - Faine 396
Jon Faine's lesson in the importance of eye safety

Space Invaders - Faine 395
You can never have enough space in the shed. Or enough shelves. Or crates - storage crates that is

Money Spider - Faine 394
Faine tries getting to grips with grandparenting and a recalcitrant Spider

Carbs in the diet - Faine 393
All the medical advice is that carbs are an essential part of a healty existence

People borrowing tools - 392
Few things are more annoying than people borrowing tools and not bringing them back

A gaggle of goddesses - Too many Citroens? - Faine Sept 2016 391
Jon Faine welcomes another Citroen DS to the shed

Another Citroen joins the shed - 390
Jon Faine's Citroen shelter scores another stablemate, with the latest addition of another neglected DS

Buying sight-unseen - Alfa - July 2016 - 389
Jon Faine's bought sight unseen Alfa Romeo spider arrives

Demolition Man - May 2016 - 388
Jon tests the structural integrity of his man cave

Spider bite (Alfas & in worms) - April 2016 - 387
Jon's learning Italian so he can give the Alfa Spider's tin worms their eviction orders

Buying sight-unseen - BMW CSI - Faine April 2016 - 386
Jon tells of the perils of buying a car sight unseen - and vowed he would never do it again...

Citroen O-Ring - 385
Jon Faine gets into rubber and whips his Citroen into shape

Swap meet fever - Faine Feb 2016- 384
Jon dreams the impossible dream in the ongoing quest for unobtainium

De-cluttering the shed - Faine Jan 2016 383
Jon's garage has a malevolent side. It's time to clear out the clutter...

Fixing it up for sale - Faine 382
After all that work, it seems a shame to sell it

But is it old skool? – Faine 381
'Modern' cars and classic status

Fire in the hole - Faine 380
Faine mourns a trashed BMW 3.0CS engine block, and buys a car from a little old lady

Do cars get SARS? - Aug 2015 - #379
Are cars vulnerable to contagious diseases just like the drivers? Jon Faine ponders if a mechanical infection can spread through the garage 

Citroen B2 Caddy Boat-Tail - July 2015 - 378
It is going to take forever, and forever is a long time

Workshop fire - July 2015 - 377
Jon's sobering tale of bargain electrics and their potential to turn your passion into ashes

Stanley Knives - June 2015 - 376
Stanley knives. Impossible to get through even the simplest task without using one. I have eleven in various nooks and crannies around the shed.

Sorting the Jag E-type - Faine June 2016
Jaguar E-Type wiring has its own subtle interpretation of logic, but our man Jon Faine eventually tracks down the fault of the overheating problem

Do you really need a lathe? - May 2015
How to spend a thousand dollars making something that costs two cents

Learning basic panel-beating - May 2015

Isotta Franchini barn find - Sept 2013

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