Jag prototype & 2 Aussie Hartnetts - the cars that got away

By: Cliff Chambers, Unique Cars magazine

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jaguar xjc prototype Jaguar XJC prototype jaguar xjc prototype
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These are the cars that never quite made it - though they seemed like a great idea at the time...

Jag prototype & 2 Aussie Hartnetts - the cars that got away
Prototype Jaguar would now be in worldwide demand.

Uncle Cliff goes wading through our old classified ads, looking for the gems.

Feb 96  Jaguar XJC Series 1 Prototype

Not even Sir William Lyons, Jaguar founder and a car-seller of extraordinary talent, could convince British Leyland bean-counters in 1969 that this beautiful addition to the Jaguar range was viable. After Lyons retirement they relented but this remains the only Series 1 XJC ever made. At one point it was used as a parts delivery vehicle around the Jaguar works before being sold and finding its way to Australia. A web page devoted to the history of this fascinating car has been created and is worth a visit. At last report it remained, rarely seen, in a Western Australian collection.

Then $75,000  Now $75,000+ 

Apr 98  Hartnett Pacific

This was Sir Laurence Hartnetts original attempt at producing an Australian-made economy car. It was based on the French Gregoire and according to the former Holden boss would have put working-class Aussies on wheels. Corporate skulduggery (involving the failure of the Commonwealth Engineering company to deliver panels) ensured that no more than 120 Hartnetts were built, and the number sold was considerably lower. At least two Pacific tourers and a sedan survive and there are parts of others in existence. Theyre not worth a lot but remain very significant.

Then N/A  Now $30-40,000

Sept 92  Lloyd Alexander

Once Hartnetts quest to build his own Australian economy car had foundered he involved himself in assembly and distribution of the German-made Lloyd, even marketing them as Lloyd-Hartnetts. About 3000, including station wagons, were made at Kangaroo Point in Brisbane before supplier Borgward went broke.  During the past few decades these were cars that you rarely saw being driven but frequently lurking in sheds, backyards and under houses waiting to be done up. This wagon looked to be needing nothing and seems a bargain for the price. 

Then $2400  Now $4500-6500

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