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By: Guy Allen - Unique Cars magazine

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Ever wondered what goes on in the twisted minds that run Unique Cars magazine? Sure you want to know? Here it is then...

Revcounter home page: Unique Cars mag editorial
Join the UC crew for a spin around the block.


Revcounter 405: Coupe garage
Obsessive? It seemed like a top idea

Revcounter 404: Holden Torana tribes
There's a lot more to it than just the cars!

Revcounter 403: Movie car replicas
Ever have those days when the people you work with are trying to tell you something, but they’re too polite to say what they really think and find another way to get the message across?

Revcounter 402: The Family Truckster
The humble wagon has finally made a comeback

Revcounter 401: Free enterprise and speed limit enforcement
Why should the government have all the fun?

Revcounter 400: Super or classic cars?
Whether to invest in Super or classic metal? It's an easy choice

Revcounter 399: High flyer
Should you reach for the sky? Maybe not

Revcounter 398: Value conspiracy
Unmasking our sinister plan to take over the world's car market

Revcounter 397: Get an orphan
Guido wants your rejects

Revcounter 396: Resto relapse
If the resto doesn't get you, the relapse might...

Revcounter 395: Car collections
One road, one car. Is that any way to run a collection?

Revcounter 394: Turbocharging a classic
Is turbocharging an early BMW 6 Series an act of cultural desecration?

Revcounter 393: Farewell Falcon

Revcounter 392: Resto Mod Debate
Keep it standard or update? That's the great debate

Revcounter 390: Bargain Classics
Looking for a bargain classic? The good news is they still exist

Revcounter 389: Column Shifters
Guido ponders the lost art of the loose change

Revcounter 388: Grand plans
Just how much trouble could a thousand dollar car really be?

Revcounter 387: Tempted by a Road Runner
It's time we all added a Road Runner to our fleets

Revcounter 386: What now?
Ever find yourself dithering about going somewhere? Here's the solution

Revcounter 385: Ducking poverty
Feel an urgent need to empty your wallet? Work with car nuts

Revcounter 384: Three-handed wrench
Ever tried to bleed brakes on your own?

Revcounter 383: Generation Conrod
Good taste in cars makes for a better world

Revcounter 382: Raiders of the lost archive
Do not, under any circumstances, throw away the paperwork

Revcounter 381: Tools I hate: the rattle gun
If you just bought one, leave it in the packet

Revcounter 380: Unreasonable urges
Buy a Jaguar XJS or set fire to the wallet?

Revcounter 379: How not to buy a car
It would have been a whole lot cheaper to stay in bed

Revcounter 378: The dangers of working with car nuts
Working with car nuts presents some serious risks to you financial and mental well-being

Revcounter 377: Out of control project cars
When resto-maths goes badly wrong

Revcounter 376: Discovering the universal shed quotient
Why is it your fleet expands to fill 100 per cent of the available space?

Revcounter 375: Passion vs reality
The clash between passion and reality is just part of life's great travesty

Revcounter 374: Wrecked or restored
Never let reality get in the way of a good idea

Recvounter 373: It's about time we had a little chat, in the workshop


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