Ford Falcon History 1960-2016

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ford falcon history ford falcon history

With the end nigh for Ford's final Falcon, here's the full genome map of the Blue Oval's blue-collar hero car


Ford Falcon History 1960-2016

Watching the owners of the cars in our opening shot roll in and engage with each other, you soon understood the true significance of the Falcon brand to this country. It was about a lot more than the proverbial few bits of tin holding four wheels together. Much more. It was about community and – believe it or not – family. Some cars were clearly treasured to the point where they were being passed down the generations. Many represented the realisation of a personal dream, a reward for all the hard graft over the years. Somehow it seems unthinkable that, after 56 years, it’s coming to an end.

Join us as we celebrate the cars, the people and their finest moments. 

Ford Falcon XK, XL, XM, XP Series


Ford -falcon -front 

Falcon learns to fly

In its brochure for the XK Falcon we find this claim: 'The Falcon is Australian with a world of difference. It is built entirely in Australia, for Australian conditions.'

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Ford Falcon XR, XT, XW, XY Series


Ford -falcon -1

Falcon-bred Mustang spurs Mustang-bred Falcon

Ford had taken the battle to Holden with the XP. The next job was to set the lead. Enter the 'Mustang-bred' XR.

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Ford Falcon XA, XB, XC Series


Ford -falcon -xa

All-Australian Falcon

Within eight months of each other the Big Three produced all-new models for the 1970s. While the VH Valiant was barge-like and the HQ Holden seemed at the time to be soft and European, the XA Falcon defined the middle ground. 

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Ford Falcon XD, XE, XF Series


Ford -falcon -xd 

Why not buy the larger car?

Within Ford Australia during the months leading up to the launch of the XD 'Blackwood' Falcon anxiety prevailed. A clever marketing campaign, 'We've got your new car on ice', was aimed at persuading prospective Commodore buyers to wait; gradually the ice melted to reveal the elegant XD in March 1979.

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Ford Falcon EA, EB, ED, EF, EL Series


Ford -falcon -gt

Beautiful, but mostly crude

The EA was to 1988 what the XD had been to 1979: the body beautiful promising more than it delivered. There was also the slow-leak campaign with international Ford spokesman Jackie Stewart as champion.

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Ford Falcon AU, BA, BF Series


Ford -falcon -au -bf -1

Falcon loses sales leadership to Commodore (forever)

The AU Falcon, launched in October 1998 to mixed reactions, was a much better car than it looked with its global Ford 'New Edge' design. The car was the victim of poor marketing and confused design - marketers and engineers alike to blame.

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Ford Falcon FG-FG X Series


Ford -falcon -fg

Too late, she cried!

The first decade of the new century was marked by a huge decline in demand for 'traditionally' sized Australian sedans and wagons and the Falcon was hit hardest.

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