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Definitely one for the Brock purist, this club goes all-out to keep alive the maestro's finest work


Brock Commodore Owners Club

Association President David Vears tells us the club started in South Australia. Peter Brock and a couple of enthusiasts decided that, after the rise of HSV and others, there was a risk of dilution of the brand, so they began a dedicated club just for Commodores built by Brock.

It changed a few times over the years. Now it’s national, based in Victoria, and has very strong branches in New South Wales, Tasmania and Queensland. Its 168 members own over 200 cars.

Of the 4000-plus Brocks built, many have gone to car heaven over the years, and the club is not sure how many survive.

It tries not to be a stop-and-show type group, says Vears. "We tend to limit our involvement in shows. What we really love is an opportunity to get out and stretch our cars’ ‘legs’. So we do a lot of family drive days where we pick a destination and meet up there.

"We don’t do much in motorsport, as we’re really about preservation of the cars rather than thrashing them round a track.

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"We’re also a receptacle of information and advice. We don’t verify cars, and you need to own one to join. However our members are happy to show you what a ‘real’ Brock car is like and the details you should look for before buying," he explains.

The club’s bi-monthly magazine (pictured top) lists a host of events. Look for them online at

CONTACT: David Vears


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