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Sovereign Auto Services are just the people you need if you own a late-model British car


Sovereign Auto Services

Co-founded by Graham Clark and Geoff Mockford, Sovereign Auto Services in South Australia concentrates on servicing and repairing late-model Jaguar, Range Rover and Land Rover.

"I’ve been in the industry all my life and started at 15," says Mockford, "Graham and I decided to start our own business – that was almost 20 years ago and business is good.

"We stay very current with our abilities with diagnostics, equipment and technical information. We believe we can offer a dealer level of service, or better, in part because we’re independent and it’s all we do."

One of the offerings is a pre-purchase inspection. "We do a lot of them. If someone’s looking to buy a second-hand Jaguar or Range Rover Sport, for example, we charge $300 and do a very thorough job. There’s some fairly expensive bills hiding under the skin of some of these vehicles. People sell them knowing there’s major work coming, thinking they’d sell rather than pay for it.

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"My advice when buying one of these vehicles is to do your homework, have the car checked and go in with your eyes open. Look for specialists – there are several around the country - who know what they looking at.

"Then have it maintained properly by someone who knows what they’re doing. It can end up saving you money.

"Using a Range Rover Discovery as an example, a local general workshop may well overlook the adjustment on the electric park brake. It will end up failing, and strip the mechanicals, and that can be a $2000 repair that could have been avoided.

"Cars have become too complicated for general workshops to handle much of this stuff. It will definitely save you money to do it with a specialist and by the book."

The business has 10 people working on site with several highly-trained technicians among them. See

Contact details:

Sovereign Auto Services
80 King William St
Kent Town SA 5067

Phone: 08-8362 5997


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