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Transform simple photos of your pride and joy into custom posters with My Dream Garage


My Dream Garage

Here’s one for the true believers. It’s a unique service provided by the Canberra-based business, My Dream Garage. They transform simple photos of enthusiasts’ cars into custom posters – automotive artefacts that personalise the décor of man-caves, garages, lounge rooms or commercial premises.

You supply the My Dream Garage people with a nice pic of your pride and joy and they work their magic – finessing the image where possible, removing ordinary or distracting backgrounds or unwanted features and finally creating a custom setting that puts your car in the spotlight.

Starting at A3 size for $55, the posters range all the way up to AO size for $115 (all plus postage). A0 size is 841mm by 1189mm – that’s almost four foot wide in the old money. Posters are printed on 275gsm gloss paper. They can show the whole car or zoom in on part of the image.

It was being a car man from way back that led proprietor Scott Molloy to establish the business. "Having owned over 50 cars since I was 17, I’m someone who has a real passion for cars. When I wanted to have large prints done of my current and previous cars, I could get photos enlarged, but often, especially with the older photos, there was another vehicle or people in the background that I didn’t want in the poster," said Scott "Then a graphic designer showed that you could separate the car from the photo and add a background and text to create a personalised poster.

"It was just what I wanted. The business came about because other car enthusiasts wanted it as well," he said.

Scott explained that obviously the better the quality of the photo supplied the better the result of the enlarged version will be. However he said that good results can still be achieved from a photo file as small as 184kb, as was the case with his HQ Monaro photo (above) from 1998. They have even managed to get a reasonable result from a 40kb 1983 photo taken with a humble Kodak Instamatic camera.

Call Scott on 0408 308 088 to talk about your needs or visit the website


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