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VIP Tracker specialises in GPS Trackers for many uses. Fitting the device to your car, you have peace of mind knowing that you can track it anywhere, anytime


VIP Tracker

VIP Tracker is a business specialising in GPS Trackers for people, pets and possessions. The founder and Director Craig Morris claims 40 years in the motor industry and has picked up a wealth of car knowledge along the way. Here’s what he says about his product:

"At VIP Tracker we understand how passionate people are for their valued possessions like cars, motorbikes, boats and caravans and we appreciate the emotional devotion these enthusiasts have. When a car is stolen and often not recovered, their distress is truly heartfelt.

"Far too many owners purchase one of our VIP Trackers after their pride and joy has been stolen and either recovered or the insurance company has paid out the claim and they have replaced the lost one.

"When you install a discreet VIP Tracker to your asset you have peace of mind knowing that you can track it anywhere anytime.

"Your VIP Tracker will alert you the second it leaves a geographical boundary that you set such as your driveway, garage or storage facility. An SMS will be sent to you to advise of its location on a Google map link to your smart phone, iPad or you can enter the map co-ordinates into Google maps on your computer.

"At any time you can send a SMS to the GPS Tracker and it will respond with a SMS of its location on a Google map.

"Our VIP3000 GPS Tracker has the ability to either cut the power to the electric fuel pump or disable the starter motor.

"The VIP3030 is very popular because it is portable, does not require any wiring and has a large 8800mAh battery that can last many months without recharging, so it is ideal for vehicles, motorbikes, boats, caravans or construction equipment in storage. It is relatively small for the size of the large capacity battery, measuring only 110 x 88 x 42mm and has a strong magnetic base to secure to a metal surface. The price is $299 so it’s a very affordable solution to track your asset.

"When you purchase a VIP Tracker there are no tracking fees or on-going contracts, you simply insert a SIM card from any telecommunications company and you do the tracking yourself.

"VIP Tracker also has GPS Trackers for personal use – for the elderly, children, lone workers, hikers, fishermen or women on a night out. These trackers have an SOS button to alert up to five phone numbers if you need help, and provide a Google map link to your smart phone of the unit’s exact location.

"We also have a GPS Tracker for your dog or cat so for anything you value, VIP Tracker has the GPS Tracking solution for you."


Phone: 1300 760 054



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