50+ Years of Shelby Mustang

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Carroll Shelby's muscle-bound Mustangs turned half a century in 2015 and have become prime collector cars


50+ Years of Shelby Mustang

Texan Carroll Shelby is one of those names that has outlived the person, with good reason. He launched his international career with the likes of Ferrari, Aston Martin and Maserati, but it was the long-term association with building Ford-powered missiles that he’s best remembered for. It’s a legacy that extended to Cobras, Sunbeam Tigers and, most famously, Mustangs.

The efforts of the man himself and a star cast of folk at Shelby American changed the perception of Mustangs from ‘just’ a pretty pony car to being a serious sports platform, and something not to be messed with on the race track. You can buy a Shelby to this day, though ironically enough even the most pimped-out version will cost only a fraction of one of the originals. The heritage is rich. So join us for a bit of a tour of the major works, plus some very handy buying advice.

Carroll Shelby - Lone Star Legend

Shelby -race -cobra

Carroll Shelby's deserved stature as a racing driver was ultimately dwarfed by his powerful legacy as a builder of performance cars. Read more...

Shelby Mustang 1965

Shelby -mustang -1965

Carroll Shelby's Mustangs are highly-prized among collectors. Here's how they came about. Read more...

Modern Muscle: 2014-15 Mustang

Ford -mustang

Having the original is wonderful but having a muscle-bound modern version could be too much to resist. Read more...

Buyer's Guide: Shelby Mustang 1965-70

Shelby -mustang -buyers -guide

In the market for a Shelby? There's lots of important stuff to know if you're to avoid the traps. Here's most of it. Read more... 

Other Shelby Powerplants: 

AC Cobra

Ac -cobra

Carroll Shelby's inspried blending of Detroit muscle with British handling still charms decades later. Read more... 

Sunbeam Tiger

Sunbeam -tiger

John Bowe gets to grips with a Sunbeam Tiger - another Shelby-inspired creation. Read more...


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