Mazda MX-5 NB Series - Starter Classics $15K or less

By: Cliff Chambers, Photography by: Unique Cars Archives

mazda mx 5 mazda mx 5

Mazda's famed roadster put fun back into motoring

The world's biggest-selling sports car shows no sign of needing a successor or even altering its shape very much at all.

NB versions of the MX-5 did acquire more substantial bumpers, larger lights and bigger wheels, with a 1.8-litre engine that improved slightly on the original cars’ output and upped maximum power to 107kW.

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Six-speed manual transmission arrived in late 2000, with four-speed auto available but not common. NBs could also be ordered with a stylish factory hardtop, but at $3000 more than the cost of a soft-top car, not many were sold.

Today they boost the price of a used NB by $1000-1500 and are worth the money if you intend using your MX5 for more than just cruising on sunny Sundays.

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Full spread of gauges

Those keen to explore the limits of their car’s chassis design without breaking any laws can join one of the very active MX5 clubs and participate in track days.


From Unique Cars #472, Nov/Dec 2022

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