Ford ED-EL Fairmont - Starter Classics $15K or less

By: Cliff Chambers, Photography by: Unique Cars Archives

ford fairmont front 2 ford fairmont front 2
ford fairmont front ford fairmont front
ford fairmont interior ford fairmont interior
ford fairmont dash ford fairmont dash

Any Ford with a GT badge means big bucks but the luxo version can be just as enjoyable

Not many years ago, this slot on a first-time classic list would have been grabbed by an XR6 Falcon from the ED-EL era. No longer.

Not only have early XRs become harder to buy, their current values will in most cases overtop our price limit. Like the XR6, these cars use Ford’s excellent 4.0-litre, overhead camshaft engine, which in EF-EL Fairmont form delivers a solid 157kW of power.


Plush interior and acres of space

The only downside for buyers who enjoy performance is the absence of a five-speed manual option. However, the four-speed auto still delivers decent performance and is relaxing around town.

Standard EF-EL Fairmont features include alloy wheels, power windows, air-conditioning, ABS and cruise control, all of which help make the 25 to 30-year-old Fairmont a practical and interesting second car. Station wagons are rare but come with a massive load area.

Be wary of cracked and loose bumpers, engine oil leaks and batteries that get so hot they boil.


From Unique Cars #472, Nov/Dec 2022



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