2002-2007 BA-BF Ford Falcon XR6T - Aussie Best Buys #4

By: Guy Allen, Cliff Chambers, Photography by: Unique Cars Archives

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ford falcon xr6 turbo ford falcon xr6 turbo

The market for collectible Aussie cars may hve gone nuts over the years but that doesn't mean all the bargains have gone. We've chosen our top five and at number four is the BA-BF Falcon XR6T


2002-2007 BA-BF Ford Falcon XR6T

While Ford’s XR6 was initially a way to add some mid-range spice to Ford’s EB Falcon range, back in 1991, the introduction of a turbo powerplant for the BA raised the stakes to a whole new level.

Of course by this stage the host engine had become a very different animal, too. Though still a straight six, the extensively re-engineered 24-valvse 4.0lt was to become one of Ford Australia’s great all-time engines in its own right, even without the puffer.

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The BA version used a single Garrett turbocharger set to deliver a moderate 0.4 bar of boost. The compression ratio was down only slightly on the normally aspirated XR6 (8.7:1 against 9.7:1) so torque delivery from the boosted engine began below 2000rpm and topped out at a substantial 450Nm.

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The ageing T5 five-speed manual was best at exploiting the XR6T’s straight-line performance but for city and winding-road use, the four-speed auto delivered instant and stress-free response.

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BA Turbos began at $44,640, or almost $6000 more than the ‘atmo’ car. At that price they still lacked the near-essential ‘Premium’ brake package, which added $2900 to the basic cost. Spending an additional $920 replaced the five-speed with the mode-selectable automatic.

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Over time, the available transmissions (and numerous other aspects) were upgraded, so a BF could be ordered with a six-speed manual or auto, with the former being a rare choice.

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At the moment $10k will easily get you something workable in this range, while mid-teens should score a very nice car. We reckon that’s value, partly because the range really hasn’t yet caught on with collectors. One day it will.

2002 Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo specs

Engine 4.0lt injected and turbocharged DOHC six.
Power  240kW @ 5250rpm
Torque 450Nm @ 2000rpm
Gearbox 5-speed manual or 4-speed auto
Suspension FRONT: Wishbones with coils.
Rear Independent multilink with coils.
Brakes Four-wheel discs
Weight 1700kg

From Unique Cars #441, June 2020


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