2020 Roush Mustang Stage 3 - Toybox

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roush mustang 3 roush mustang 3

Top order predator Mustang promises big numbers

2020 Roush Mustang

Is there a new Mustang in your immediate future? If so, you may be well aware that there is a list of folk out there willing to help you to tweak its already substantial performance.

One of the most experienced and repuatable players is Mustang Motorsport in sunny Melbourne, where owner Craig Dean has been building and racing his own Mustangs for years. And their latest release is a 750hp Roush upgrade.

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Yep, 750, or near enough to 560kW. That goes with a claimed ground-shaking 908Nm of torque and a 0-100km/h time of 3.6sec.

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Roush supplies a supercharger as part of the set-up. However because of what’s being produced, you need a whole lot more than a blower if your car is to hang together for any length of time.

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To that end, the company also fits a package of coolers for the engine, supercharger, transmission and differential. As you might expect, the bodywork alterations also focus a fair bit on extracting heat.

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Suspension, brakes and wheels are addressed, which is good to know, given the potential of what you’re dealing with.

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There is loads of room for custiomisation in the finished product. Pricing will depend on which boxes you tick, but think approximately $60k plus the car, which brings you near $130k. See mustangmotorsport.com.au.

From Unique Cars #441, June 2020 


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