Vauxhall through the ages: the world's fastest sedan

By: Mark Higgins, Unique Cars magazine

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Vauxhall Lotus Carlton Vauxhall Lotus Carlton

Vauxhall's super saloon shocked the world with its top speed of 283km/h - making front page news and inciting public outcry

Like our media led Supercar saga of 1972 that killed off the Phase IV GT-HO Falcon, and V8 versions of the Torana XU-1 and Charger, the Vauxhall Lotus Carlton of 1989 incited similar controversy and an outcry by British mainstream media,  as well as debate in the House of Commons when it became the world’s fastest four-door saloon car, with a top speed of 176mph (283km/h).

However, the motoring press lauded the Lotus Carlton for its Ferrari-matching performance.

Using GM’s 3.6-litre straight-six, with the addition of two Garrett T25 turbochargers and twin water-cooled intercoolers, the Lotus Carlton produced a remarkable 377bhp (282kW) and 419lb ft of torque (568Nm), giving it the headline top speed and acceleration to beat a Ferrari Testa Rossa with a zero to 100km/h time of 5.4 seconds.


Lotus Engineering was responsible for developing the Carlton’s MacPherson strut front suspension and multi-link rear set-up, and the result was a superbly assured and fast GT easily capable of taking on the best of the high-performance sedans produced by the top German car makers, then the benchmark.

Only 286 Lotus Carltons were sold in the UK, the first of which rolled off Lotus’s production line at Hethel 30 years ago. When new it cost £48,000 (A$92,000).

Even today the Vauxhall Lotus Carlton ranks among the fastest four door sedans in the world and with so few built have become highly collectible.


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