Lincoln Model K LeBaron Coupe - Unique 'One-Off' cars in Australia pt.4

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Back in 2009, we put together a list of 13 of our favourite one-offs that had been featured in Unique Cars – or advertised for sale (not counting modified cars or ‘specials’). At number four was this Lincoln Model K LeBaron Coupe


Lincoln Model K LeBaron Coupe

From Unique Cars #300, Jun/Jul 2009

Highfalutin name, highfalutin car. Now as well as back in its day, when this imposing 1935 two-door was priced at an amazing US$5400 and once described as "The car of Presidents, Kings, gangsters and film stars". One of only five RHD Model Ks with LeBaron bodywork produced (and the only one remaining) this coupe had a succession of owners following its initial delivery to a Mr J Symonds of Symonds Plywood Manufacturers in NSW.

Fourth owner, Bob Jones of Victoria, told us he used the car regularly, despite its value and rarity, cruising to various events where its lazy 6.8-litre 12-cylinder engine made it a "pleasure to drive". Despite regular offers to sell it, Bob had knocked them all back last time we spoke to him. Not surprising.

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Our top 13 'One-Off' list:

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2. Studebaker Commander Cabriolet

3. Porsche 959

4. Lincoln Model K Lebaron Coupe

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7. Clement

8. 1938 Lancia Astura Farina Cabriolet

9. 1958 Buick Limited

10. Alfa Romeo G1

11. BMW M1

12. Ferrari 750 Monza

13. Dodge Daytona



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