1973 Ford XA Falcon GT RP083 - V8 Falcons #3

By: Guy Allen, Photography by: Stuart Grant

ford falcon xa gt onroad front ford falcon xa gt onroad front
ford falcon xa gt onroad ford falcon xa gt onroad
ford falcon xa gt badge ford falcon xa gt badge
ford falcon xy gtho wheel cool Globe alloys were another item destined for the stillborn XA GT Phase IV ford falcon xy gtho wheel
ford falcon xa gt engine bay 2 ford falcon xa gt engine bay 2
ford falcon xa gt interior ford falcon xa gt interior

Though not quite a GT-HO Phase IV, this was about as close as most mortals would ever get to one, after that proposed model was killed off by newspaper-led supercar hysteria in late 1972

From Unique Cars #319, Jan 2011

Owner Bill Gourtzis takes up the story: "It’s the Bathurst special of the XA range. Ford produced, I believe, 259 of them between the coupes and sedans.

They got the Phase IV extractors and Holley carburettors and a few other bits and pieces. By late ’73, they had to get rid of all these big carburettors and extractors so they just threw them at anyone who ordered a manual XA GT at the time. They’re very rare – that’s why it’s been with me for years."

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ford-falcon-xa-gt-onroad.jpgXA GT shared XY’s underpinnings, but its handling was significantly better

Gourtzis has retro-fitted the finned sump, however this unique RPO83 model missed out on the Phase IV camshaft and valve gear.

Nevertheless it puts out around 330 horses (246kW) so there’s good performance on tap. And the RPO83 designation? It stands for Regular Production Option 83, or sports pack.

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ford-falcon-xa-gt-badge.jpgThe badge they all want

Staffer Phil Walker (who has owned a string of GT Falcons) reckons that while the RPO might be down a touch on horsepower when compared to a Phase III, the later-generation Ford more than made up for it by being a better handling package.

"The XA’s got better brakes and steering, cuts through the air a bit nicer – it’s just a better car," Walker says.

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ford-falcon-xa-gt-engine-bay.jpgThis particular XA GT – a genuine RPO83, – scored certain GT-HO Phase 4 bits such as the 780cfm Holley carburettor and the exhaust headers

Gourtzis has owned this car for about seven years. "It’s the first car I bought when I started buying my GTs back – I’ve had a number of them since. I’ve bought and sold a couple, but this one stays with me. When I first got married I had a red XA GT and it was the only thing my wife and I owned.   "Now that we’re a little bit older, we still have a red XA GT but not exactly the same one.

ford-falcon-xa-gt-interior.jpgWraparound dash seemed high-tech in the early-70s, and looks good with GT wheel and dials

"I’m contemplating giving it a bit of a restoration. So far I’ve only tidied it up. I’ve got the original steel rims, date-coded ’73, but at the moment it’s running Globes, only because it’s a nice driver with the Globes on."

1973 XA Falcon GT RP083 specs

Engine 5763cc V8, ohV, 16v, four-barrel Holley carburettor
Power 224kW @ 5400rpm
Torque 515Nm @ 3400rpm
Weight 1587kg
Transmission 4-speed manual
Wheels 14 x 6.0-inch steel
Brakes 286mm ventilated discs (f), 254mm drums (r)
0-100km/h 8.1sec
0-400m 15.8sec
Top speed 193km/h
Price $5087 (1973)


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