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By: Guy Allen

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BMW's famous shark snout model was once a touring car champ winner

It’s taken a while, but as the prices on BMW E9 CS series have climbed inexorably north over the last decade, the numbers on its successor – the E24 – have also started to lift.

This distinctive ‘shark snout’ shape was penned by Paul Bracq, who also laid claim to classics such as the Benz pagoda roof SL. It’s a heavier-looking design than the E9, and soon became best-known locally for the successful tilt at the 1985 Australian Touring Car Championship in the hands of Jim Richards.

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The E24 began life in 1976, with assembly initially carried out by Karmann. These cars are now thin on the ground and can be identified by a build plate in the left door frame. BMW took over production fairly quickly and the series was produced with several engine capacities, including 2.8, 3.3 and 3.5lt. It went through a major revision in 1982, though the sheet metal remained largely unchanged.

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The ultimate expression of the car was the M6, using a version of the 24-valve engine out of the M1 and that has become highly collectible.

Time has greatly reduced the numbers of good ones out there in the market. Apart from natural attrition, the fleet has been reduced simply by the fact they’re a fairly expensive proposition to restore.


However parts support remains very good, with aftermarket suppliers Walloth & Nesch offering very quick service.

This 1983 example at Richmonds in Adelaide would be one of the best-preserved ones we’ve seen in a long time.

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It’s running the 3430ccc second-generation six, which claims around 220 horses and is matched to a four-speed auto which has a reputation for being pretty robust. Originally a UK car, it shows a low 38,500 miles (62,000km) on the odo which, if correct, is nothing for one of these. Richmonds in Adelaide has this one for sale at $49,900.


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