Land Rover Collection - Toybox

By: Mark Higgins, Photography by: Guy Allen

land rover collection 2 land rover collection 2

A case of when too many Land Rovers is never enough

Let’s be honest. At some point we’ve all taken in a stray or two. Mostly dogs and cats or maybe something as exotic as a tortoise.

Alec Faulkner is like that but with Land Rovers, specifically Series 1 models. Having grown up in Birmingham in the shadows of the Land Rover factory, Alec didn’t want to end up with a menagerie of them, it just kind of happened, as he explains.

 "I wanted to enjoy what I do on the farm, breeding Galloway cattle and needed a workhorse and wanted to get one of these.


"I placed an ad on Gumtree and in the local Queensland paper and the phone rang. A chap from Beaudesert, just up the road from me, had one so we did the deal and brought it home. A couple of weeks later the phone rang again, so we bought that one and thought, well, that is one for each of us and I’ll fix them up and make them our workhorses.

"A few weeks later the phone rang again and this chap had three on his farm and would I be interested?  Now I’ve got Grandad’s, Dad’s and the son’s. So that is how the disease began," Alec says with a laugh.

After taking in 11 of the iconic British bush bashers over the years he has decided to put the lot up for sale.


It’s fair to say that Alec will miss them and hopes they all go to good homes and into the hands of enthusiasts that will dote over them and restore them to their former glory.

But while Alec is selling off his much loved collection of Land Rovers that range from 1949 to 1951 models he dreams one day owning a 1948 model, of which many arrived on our shores over the years. 

Alec’s preference is to sell the 11 Landies as a lot so if you are keen to grab some Series 1 Landies choc full of history go to Price for the complete ‘herd’ is $229,500.


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