1973 Chrysler Valiant VJ E55 Charger 770 - Toybox

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine, Photography by: Australian Muscle Car Sales

valiant charger valiant charger
valiant charger rear valiant charger rear
valiant charger side valiant charger side
valiant charger 770 valiant charger 770
valiant charger engine bay valiant charger engine bay
valiant charger interior valiant charger interior
valiant charger doortrim valiant charger doortrim

A great example of what might have been - the Charger 770 is a muscle-bound cruiser

it’s hard to imagine now, but there was a time when big powerful coupes were made locally by the truckload. Ford with its Falcon hardtop, Holden with the Monaro and of course Chrysler with its stunning Charger.

Numerous variants were produced over the years and Chrysler’s volumes were such that they didn’t ever sell in plague proportions. However some are more rare than others and, with a production number of just 212, this VJ-series E55 option 770 definitely qualifies as low volume.


For a time Chrysler’s hero coupe was a stand-out for running big straight sixes on the racetrack against the V8s of its rivals. Then Chrysler decided to go racing with a US-sourced 340-cube V8 and that meant homologating race-replica variants. However the plans were suddenly shelved, along with those of some rivals, by the ‘supercar’ media scare.

Which left Chrysler with some nice big engines to find another purpose for. Enter the E55 variants, which ran across VH and VJ series. The powerplants were delivered in fairly standard tune, but in the VJ still claimed a healthy 275 horses. They were tied to Torqueflite 727 autos and the theme was a big, fast luxury coupe.


This example claims matching numbers and has been restored. It seems a lot of the original detail has been preserved. See AustralianMuscleCarSales.com.au. It’s priced at $125,000.


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