Roush Jackhammer offers 700hp muscle car thrills with factory appeal

By: Alex Affat, Unique Cars magazine

Talk about bang for buck – how does 700hp with a three year warranty sound? John Bowe reckons it sounds pretty nice!

Ford’s new Mustang and the soon-to-arrive Chevrolet Camaro will set alight a new wave of V8 motoring for rev-heads across Australia.

With this new wave comes a new demand for aftermarket support – for those of us who like a bit more grunt, a bit more brakes or whatever you may desire out of your new pride and joy.

Mustang Motorsports in Melbourne are one of the frontrunners for this new age aftermarket sector – offering factory fit and finish, genuine and comprehensive engineering and research – all backed with a factory-level warranty and designed from the ground up to comply with nationwide ADR regulations.

Going the usual aftermarket route for brand new cars takes some commitment, should anything go wrong your dealership will commonly turn you away for fettling with their "perfect from factory" product or worse, get you slapped with a defect or EPA notice by the authorities.

Mustang Motorsport’s Jackhammer package for the new 2018 Ford Mustang does away with all such concerns. Engineered from scratch to comply with ADR regulations in all seven states – and a three year/60,000km warranty, the Roush Jackhammer brings the peace of mind of factory quality components, in a high-end authority-abiding package.

The package starts at $41,800 without options, on top of the Mustang you just bought – but with that you get a comprehensive 700hp engine package, along with suspension and tyres to match.

Call the entire package a little ways over $100,000 – what else are you gonna buy for that amount of money, with this much power and a warranty?

If you have a bit of money to throw around, and are after a recreational sports coupe – the Roush Jackhammer offers new car sensibility with true red-knuckled muscle car appeal.

Watch the video above to see what our very own John Bowe thinks of this modern muscle car, or check out the full feature in upcoming #418 issue of Unique Cars magazine, on sale this Thursday September 13!



Roush Jackhammer Roush Jackhammer

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