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By: Guy Allen, Photography by: Guy Allen

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Is it time to get a decent trailer?

Local industry bods Robert Logan (formerly of Roaring Forties) and Alan Chambers (formerly Chequered Flag Stables) have teamed up as Raceshuttle Trailers, distributing Woodford products from the UK. In fact, the two have been working together for nearly two years.

According to them, the inspiration came about when they were wandering around in the pits at Sandown and Phillip Island, wondering what in hell some people were thinking. There they were, says Alan, putting very expensive cars they obviously treasured onto trailers that didn’t look like they’d make it to the end of the street.

That led to an international search for an option – perhaps something developed in a much bigger market. After a few false starts, the pair settled on Woodford Trailers, which hails from the Midlands in the UK, an area with a lot of automotive history.

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The units are type approved and tested in Europe, which places some fairly high standards on the end product – exceeding local ADRs.

Robert pointed out that the size of their market means they’re producing 40 or more units a week, which gives them the volume to afford a thorough development process. For example, one model update was put in the hands of professional ‘toy’ movers for some months to get feedback before the final production spec was agreed on.

There are currently six models in the range: three open and three enclosed. Prices run from $8500 through to $44,000 – a lot of money, perhaps, until you look at what’s at stake.

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Mechanicals on the upper-end models includes full torsion bar suspension with dampers. Something like the Galaxy shown includes hydraulic rams up front and adjustable legs at rear so a low-clearance car can be moved on and off on a stable platform, by one person.

There are a few in service locally and word is at least one of them is putting up big miles with good success.

Find out more at: raceshuttle.com.au



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