2014 Shelby Super Snake Review - Toybox

By: Guy Allen

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Brute force


2014 Shelby Super Snake

It’s amazing what an outrageous determination to produce sheer brute force from an American V8 can achieve. Really. Builder Craig Dean really only gave the throttle a bit of a tap, and this thing shot at the horizon like the proverbial bat out of hell. We’re talking seriously quick machinery.

The assorted stripes and lumps around the car provide fair warning. Shelby Super Snake is effectively a brand in its own right and you know something serious is going to be lurking under the bonnet.

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Ford -mustang -front

This is a custom-built car, based on a 2014 Mustang. The target horsepower was 1000 – a nice round figure – and one which Dean reckons they achieved. However it wasn’t entirely practical on pump fuel, so they’ve wound it back a tad with a different supercharger pulley. "It still produces something over 650kW at the rear tyres," he says. Surprisingly, it’s not a monster to drive on the road.

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Ford -mustang -engine

The specs include a liquid-cooled Kenne Bell supercharger, intercoolers, cams, Eibach suspension, Baer brakes – the list goes on. Inside it’s a civilised and stylish Shelby fit-out. You know what? If you wanted a spectacularly quick one-off, this is just about perfect.

2014 Super Snake

BODY 2-door coupe
ENGINE 5.8lt-litre V8 supercharged
POWER over 650kW at rear wheels
PERFORMANCE 0-100km/h 3.6 seconds
TOP SPEED over 300 km/h
TRANSMISSION 6-speed manual
SUSPENSION Front MacPherson Strut
REAR live axle
BRAKES Front and rear Discs
WHEELS 20 x 9.5/20 x 11 rear
PRICE $220,000 (+ORC)
WHERE Mustang Motorsport


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