VW Beetle + Chrysler Regal - Phil's Picks

By: Phil Walker

When he’s not making sure the underside of his Torana is cleaner than the primary mirror of the hubble space telescope, Uncle Phil can usually be found sniffing out a bargain

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1969 VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE - $22,000

You can't swing a cat in the Unique Cars office without leaving a Vee Dub fan with a face full of fur but I’m not really much of a dak-dak devotee, preferring instead a bit of good old V8 grunt. Despite that, I’ve never been one to turn down the right vehicle at the right price and this ’69 Bug looks the part and $22k is a reasonable ask given the amount of work that’s clearly gone into it. With less than 28,000 miles on the odo, a reupholstered cabin, a full respray and rust removal job, and some nice little restomod details like uprated seatbelts, lights and disc front brakes, this one’s a gem.

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1979 CHRYSLER REGAL CM - $27,650

Who doesn't love a sleeper? Okay, so the plate on this Regal defeats the object a bit if you’re after genuine sub-12 sub rosa, but other than that, there’s not a lot wrong with grandad-spec beige and a 408ci crate lump. It’s been breathed on with Pacemaker performance extractors, a twin 2.5 inch exhaust system, strengthened gearbox and diff and some four-barrel double-pumper carbie action. Leaving supercars for dead at the lights just never gets old.

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