Porsche 911 + Nissan President + Volvo Sportswagon - Phil's Picks

By: Phil Walker

When he’s not making sure the underside of his Torana is cleaner than the primary mirror of the hubble space telescope, Uncle Phil can usually be found sniffing out a bargain

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2000 PORSCHE 911 CARRERA - $54,300

How long can they go? Prices for the 996-generation of Porsche’s iconic 911 are currently riding the crest of a slump. While earlier 911s are making more money than Melania Trump’s Botox dealer, the 996 has flatlined. All of which makes this six-speed manual in desirable black on black with the problematic intermediate shaft already attended to one heck of a deal. Moderate kays, a modern stereo and a solid service history round out the good news.

Phils -2-2

1988 NISSAN PRESIDENT V8 - $11,000

This is one of those cars that I really shouldn’t like but I just can’t help myself. There’s something wholly addictive about Japanese domestic market doily-barges though. The Toyota Century, the Mitsubishi Dignity and this Nissan President are all on my must-own-at-some-point list. This H252 4.4-litre President can trace its roots right back to 1973, so it’s a weird amalgam of 70s and 80s design. Someone needs to get this bought.

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1972 VOLVO P1800 ES SPORTWAGON $20,800

Shooting brakes are cool. There’s no real argument against them. As much as I like the P1800 coupe, the little load lugger is a heap more desirable in my book. This is in good condition and is finished in the most desirable colour to boot. Somewhat unconventionally, the owner of this magnolia vision has said in the ad "Price range $19,800-$25,700. Make an offer." Lowballers of the world unite, this is your moment.

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