HSV W427E – today’s tempter

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

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Holden hero car said to have been in storage most of its life

HSV W427E – today’s tempter
The W427 E was HSV's hero car nearly a decade ago.

HSV has had a few hero cars over its near 30 years of operation and one of the more memorable has to be the W427 E series. In some ways it could be seen a consolation prize for the much-anticipated HRT 427 project, which was dropped.

And it was a pretty good substitute. It had the full 7lt engine, with good numbers: 375kW (503hp) at 6400rpm and 640Nm at 5000.

Typically for HSV it was a pretty tidy handler, despite being a big and heavy car.

We did a launch story on this car when it was released late in 2008, with the assistance of V8 Supercar legend Mark Skaife.

It said, in part: "Looking at the W427 in comparison to a current R8 ClubSport, spending more than twice as much is perhaps hard to justify over what is already a pretty handy tool. And if you park it beside its logical BMW, AMG Mercedes and Audi rivals, it may look a little crass by comparison. (However it will hold its value better! – Editor)

"But if you want the most powerful, most capable and most exciting car ever built in Australia and you're an HSV fan, the lure of the $155,000 W427 may be simply irresistible."

Okay, so what’s one worth today? The owner of this time-capsule example WA says it has under 15,000km on the clock and is asking $195,000.


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