HDT VL Nitron + MG Y Tourer - The cars that got away

By: Cliff Chambers

The cars we should have bought or are just glad we didn’t...


HDT VL Nitron - October 2006

Just weeks after the untimely passing of Peter Brock, sharp-eyed readers could have secured this link to HDT history for just $14,000. Why so cheap? Well, these cars weren’t produced by HDT, don’t carry an HDT build plate and came only with 3.0-litre engines – turbo or naturally aspirated. Most significantly though they all were fitted with the controversial ‘Energy Polarizer’. Brock even appeared in an appalling TV commercial to promote the model on behalf of the Victorian dealer network which sold the cars.  Some sources suggest 300 were made but 100 all-up seems closer to the mark.

Then - $14,000, Now - $18-24,000


MG Y Tourer  - November 1991

Open-top versions of MG’s Y Type are among the least common of the British brand’s post-WW2 models and make very decent money. The Tourer sold fairly well in Australia and this country still provides homes for a lot of the surviving cars. However, back in the 1940s Tourers weren’t the trendy roofless cruisers they are today; they were the cheap version you bought when you couldn’t afford a sedan. The twin-carburettor engine was also used in the more valuable TC and it’s likely that lots of  Y Types were sacrificed to keep two-seaters going. Who owns this one now?

Then - $16,000, Now - $20-25,000

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