Lamborghini Countach & Fiat 128 - the cars that got away

By: Cliff Chambers, Unique Cars magazine

FIAT 128 3P OCT 01 P75 Fiat 128 3P FIAT 128 3P OCT 01 P75
LAMBO COUNTACH QV MAR 01 P101 Lamborghini Countach QV5000 LAMBO COUNTACH QV MAR 01 P101

Okay, they're both Italian - but somehow from different planets...join us for a wander through our old classified ads.

Lamborghini Countach & Fiat 128 - the cars that got away
A Countach was expensive back then and even more so now.

Lamborghini Countach QV5000 - advertised Mar 2001

Ridiculously impractical though it was, the Countach survived for almost 20 years and sold in significant numbers.

The QV5000 appeared almost at the end of the model's life-span, with 5.2 litres and 335kW.

In the space of three years a healthy 610 QVs were sold, with most going to left-hand drive markets. Demand is vastly exceeding supply at present and values during the past three years have soared.

QVs in left-hand drive form easily reach US$350,000 and a later Anniversary version in RHD was on the UK market at A$550,000.

Then $175,000 Now $450-500,000

Fiat 128 3P - advertised Oct 2001

If you got your licence about 14 years ago and had $5000 to spend on a first car, this smart little Fiat would have knocked the socks off all those second-hand Corollas and Astras that your parents thought you should buy.

Rust seems not to have shown its pock-marked face and 140,000 kilometres meant a few years remained on the mechanicals before rebuilding.

You also stood a chance of making some money. 128s of any kind don't come up for sale often but a tidy 3P perched on big alloys was recently offered at an encouraging $14,950.

Then $4650 Now $12-14,000


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