1978 Holden Torana UC - today's tempter

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

Ultra clean-looking example could save resto costs

1978 Holden Torana UC - today's tempter
UC Torana has the 'big' 3.3 litre six and a four-speed manual.

This is one of those conundrums: do you go out and buy a cheap project car for a few grand and slowly do it up yourself as you scratch the money together; Or do you just bite the bullet and buy one that's been done?

This car fits the latter category. Values on Toranas are hard to get a handle on at the moment, as the price fluctuations can be quick and dramatic - in both directions!

On the face of it, the owner of this UC could be asking top dollar. However if the photos are right, it presents exceptionally well and the seller says it's had an engine rebuild.

Though everyone seems to want a V8 (not available in UCs), the sixes are in fact a better balanced car and this 3.3 litre four-speed manual has the potential to be a pretty nice drive.

Whether you could build one of your own for less will depend heavily on how much work you can do yourself and whether you can get a low-rust body.

With exception for very high value cars, restorers rarely get their money back if they decide to sell soon after the refresh is done. Which means a recent resto is often good buying and worth paying a premium for, if it's been done well.

There are no hard and fast rules in this area, other than go in with your eyes wide open and preferably someone who knows what they're looking at.

As we said, this Queensland car looks like a bit of a gem and is priced at $17,000.

The UC generation of Torana, from 1978, saw the end of V8 power and the dropping of the SL/R series. You had a choice of the 1892cc Starfire four in the Sunbird or two sixes in the Torana: 2835cc or 3298cc. Some 55,000 are said to have been built.


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