1972 BMW 2002 Touring on the market

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

Hatchback 2002 is a rarity

1972 BMW 2002 Touring on the market
Oddball BMW would be an interesting project.

We wouldn't normally get all that excited about a 2002 being offered for sale on the other side of the Pacific - in the USA - but this is an exception.

Of the several variants of what was a game-changer car for BMW, the Touring is probably the most rare.

Here at Unique Cars, we've only played with one example before, which we threw our tame race driver and all-round good guy John Bowe into.

The 2002 series was a development of the 1600 that came about because two BMW staffers had successfully tried bigger motors in their cars, and the American importer wanted something with more grunt.

The result has become one the marque's icons and good examples have shot up in value over the last decade.

The car you see here is up for auction at Bring a Trailer in the USA. It's not the tidiest example you'd ever find, but looks like it could simply be made into a solid driver or become a not-too-challenging resto.

It seems certain the car has suffered a shunt in the snout at some stage, but that may not be a deal-killer if it sells at the right price. One point in its favour is it comes with a spare set of the original wheels.

The listing is worth reading - particularly the comments at the end, which reveal one oR two issues.

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