Holden HQ club racer - today's tempter

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

Looks like a cheap way to get into competition

Holden HQ club racer - today's tempter
You could have a whole lot of fun in this HQ.

Holden's most successful car ever, the HQ series, accounted for a staggering 485,650 production vehicles over its 1972-74 lifespan. Those were the good old days when GMH had plants in Qld, NSW, Vic and SA pumping out the things.

Long after production ceased, some bright spark got the idea that a basic version with the 202 straight six in the snout would make the ideal basis for a cheap race series, and so HQ racing was born.

It was hugely successful - watching a herd of ex-taxis trying to stuff themselves into a corner six-wide when it was made for two is always entertaining.

In fact our own Dave Morley (workshop guru extraordinaire) entered for a while and there-after always referred to the HQ as the thinking man's sports car.

Which brings us, eventually, to the car you see here. We like the fact it's painted in a period correct 'ultra violet' and that it's been set up as a tarmac rally car or club racer. (Note it's not set up to HQ Racing spec.)

The owner says it has a healthy 150kW at the rear wheels (near 200hp) and is running a five-speed Toyota Supra gearbox and disc brakes all round.

To us, it looks like a cheap way to get into racing - if there is such a thing!

They're asking $15,000.

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