Holden Gemini Gypsy and Iso Lele – the cars that got away

By: Cliff Chambers, Unique Cars magazine

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ISO LELE JUNE 09 P195 Iso Lele ISO LELE JUNE 09 P195

Uncle Cliff’s wild and woolly drive through our old classifieds

Holden Gemini Gypsy and Iso Lele – the cars that got away
Gemini would be a great little thing to have in the shed.

Holden Gemini Gypsy - advertised June 86

At a time when your average Gemini wasn't making more than $1000, the lucky owner of this scarce Gypsy van wasnt leaving anything on the table with a breathtaking $4500 asking price.

If you happened to especially want a Gypsy this was probably the only one available and looked to be in excellent condition.

However, we suspect the sale would still have involved some negotiation.

Today, with decent Geminis of all types selling in the $3500-6500 price bracket, a rarity like a properly-preserved Gypsy could command double the price of a base-grade car.

Then $4500  Now $10,000-12,000

Iso Lele - advertised June 2009

Having made a fortune manufacturing refrigerators and Isetta micro-cars, what better way for Renzo Rivolta to lose the lot than by building a line of Chevy-engined supercars?

The Rivolta and elegant Grifo did reasonable business during the 1960s but later-model Leles had an uninspiring shape and insufficient power to outrun a mid-sized Maserati.

Just 317 had been finished by 1974 when the world oil shortage began to bite.

A few Leles made their way to Australia; some new, some private imports but values are taking a long time to reflect the cars rarity.

Then $27,000  Now $45-55,000


First published in Unique Cars mag issue 379


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