Citroen Goddess 1974 – today’s other tempter!

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

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French style doesn’t have to cost a bomb

Citroen Goddess 1974 – today’s other tempter!
That unmistakable snout is loved around the world.

Manufacturers often like to stick out their corporate neck and boast about how their shiny new toy is innovative, perhaps even revolutionary - however few could actually back up the claim as successfully as Citroen with the release of its DS Goddess series way back in 1955.

Millions of these things ended up being built in plants across the world - including here in Australia - and people who've been fortunate enough to own them generally love them to bits.

The basic format was front-wheel-drive with a four-cylinder motor, with several different auto and manual transmissions over the years, hydraulic suspension that allowed an enormous range of height adjustment, and a vast cabin.

Its streamlined looks have been admired for decades.

Despite all the accolades - and probably in part because of the huge numbers made - they are still not a wildly expensive car, though they definitely qualify as a classic.

This example was made in 1974, the year before production ceased.

Its WA owners say it's had a lot of refurbishment work done, including the hydraulics. It's a four-speed manual and is running the 2.0lt engine.

Asking price is $20,000.



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