Our top 3 Datsun stories: Murphy's SSS, Fairlady, 1600 Resto

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Datsun 1600 wagon front side 2 Datsun 1600 wagon Datsun 1600 wagon front side 2
dautsun fairlady Datsun Fairlady 2000 Sports dautsun fairlady
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From our archives - three of our favourite Datsun stories.

Our top 3 Datsun stories: Murphy's SSS, Fairlady, 1600 Resto
Greg Murphy and his Datsun 1200 SSS. Don't we all wish we had one?

With all the other exotic and expensive gear getting around, it's all too easy to forget just how much fun people have had out of Datsuns over the years - and still are.

Which got us thinking, why not have a search through the archives and pick out three of the best? As it turns out, we have a wealth of Datsun material online (use our search window) - but here are our picks.

Greg Murphy's 1200 SSS

Legendary supercar driver Greg Murphy has had his hands on some premium gear over the years, so it's fascinating to see one of his favourite toys was a 1200 SSS.

Why? With typical self-deprecating humour he admits: "I had a Teal Blue 1972 1200 SSS when I was still at high school in New Zealand that I bought from a friend of my sister’s. It cost NZ$2900 in 1989 and was only 17 years old."

Datsun 2000 Sports aka Fairlady review

We throw supercar champ John Bowe in all sorts of weird gear, but not all that many Datsuns. What did he think of the Fairlady we found?

"Bottom line, this car is a whole lot of fun. I expected it to be a 5/10 but it's an eight! It far exceeded my expectations."

Hot Wheels Datsun 1600 wagon

Adelaide enthusiast Adam Burke turned a humble wagon into something very special, in what turned out to be one of our most popular-ever Reader Resto stories.

Here's what he says about the inspiration: "Japanese American Hot Wheels designer Jun Imai built up a US-spec 510 wagon in the ‘shakotan’ style of his forefathers; old-school power, extremely low on wide rims and narrow tyres with the ‘hippari stretch’. It really rattled the US custom scene, so Hot Wheels made a model of it, except instead being green like Jun’s actual car, they made it burgundy!"

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