Wednesday Warrior: 1960s Pontiac Parisienne wagon

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

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The day of the giant land-yacht is coming - get in now!

Wednesday Warrior: 1960s Pontiac Parisienne wagon
Stylish and huge - what more could you want?

Who doesn't love a giant sixties American wagon? You can move house with it, move into it if the house burns down, or take the kids and all your relatives on a Griswald-style holiday. (Or Brady Bunch-style, if you prefer...)

Wagons are coming back in demand at the moment and supplies of classics aren't that big. That's because the sales weren't huge to start with, and many ended up being bashed around as a tradie transporter until they died and were taken to the tip.

This Parisienne is a third-generation car and a little unusual in that the wagon series - built on the corporate B platform - was constructed in Canada.

The owner of this example, priced at $49,000, says it was a factory right-hand-drive, which if correct makes it very unusual.

There's a 327  V8 in the nose and an auto - though the owner doesn't specify whether that's a two or three-speed.

It also claims to have been restored and looks pretty tidy in the photos.

So long as any rust has been dealt with, this series and its widely-used Chevrolet platform should be near-bulletproof.

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