Video: Holden V2 CV8 Monaro owner review

By: Unique Cars magazine

Meet Geoff Thuring, the owner of the this stunning late-model Monaro

Video: Holden V2 CV8 Monaro owner review
Geoff Thuring reckons the CV8 is well worth buying.

The final run of the Holden Monaro is now set to be the last ever locally-made car to carry the legendary nameplate. Are they a good thing and are they worth hanging on to?

Yes is the correct answer to both questions.

They are a thoroughly enjoyable drive in their own right and the late cars have a few distinctive features, including the twin 'nostril' bonnet, a variant of which was originally seen on the Pontiac versions experted to the USA.

There's no guarantee that you'll gte rich from the proceeds of one of these cars, but there's a very good chance you'll at least get your money back. Locally-made premium coupes, particularly manuals, have a good track record when it comes to long-term market performance.

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