Today's find: Restomod HK Holden with clout in the snout

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

Looks mild on the outside, but a peek under the bonnet tells a different story...

Today's find: Restomod HK Holden with clout in the snout
Gotta love the idea of a wolf in sheep's clothing.

There's nothing wrong with a tidy stock HK and that's what this looks like on the outside, albeit with the period rear wheel spats and the venetian blinds in the back window.

Look closer and the rims might be a give-away - something going on here...walk forward and you may just notice the giant tacho poking out under the steering wheel. Ok, sprung!

The owner of this beauty (yep, it's for sale) reckons there's now 383 cubes lurking in the snout, tied to a two-speed Powerglide and a 9-inch diff out the back. And it claims 450 horses.

It does make you wonder if they did something with the brakes, too.

Anyway, the story is it's still possible to take it back to original condition. Not sure we would, as the whole 'sleeper' angle has a bit of appeal.

Asking price? $45k.

You can find it here.

HKs were built 1968-69 and were available in a big array of models, including sedans, wagons, utes and coupes.

The 327 HK Monaro is the premium collectible in the range these days - see our feature on it.

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