Saturday Stunner - rally-ready Peugeot 504

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

Get yourself a 'bash-ready' Peugeot

Saturday Stunner - rally-ready Peugeot 504
Rally-ready Peugeot 504 looks very tempting.

Ever dreamed of owning a rally car, maybe for one of those charity bash events? This looks like being the perfect answer, probably at a cost lower than it would take to build your own.

This 1974 Pug 504, located in NSW, looks the business and claims a 5-speed manual transmission plus LSD, lots of rally gear and spares. How much? $9900.

The 504 is well and truly on the radar of collectors, particularly anyone looking for a low-stress and tough Euro classic.

First launched in 1967, the model had an incredible run through to 2006. It was produced in numerous plants around the world, with Nigeria taking the record fro the longest production run: 1968-2006. French production ceased in 1983.

Several engines were offered, including inline four petrol and diesels, plus a V6. Most people in the local market will have driven it with the 2.0lt inline four petrol.

It was available in sedans, wagons and coupes, including a cabriolet.

Back to the one highlighted here: you can find it at this link.

See this review of the 504 series by John Wright.

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