Budget glam: 1976 Ford XC Falcon 351

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

They once roamed the earth as family transport and now they're coming back as treasured classics.

Budget glam: 1976 Ford XC Falcon 351
Lots of glam for the money.

If you look around there are a few of these big Aussie family cars from the 70s that are still affordable.

Examples like this, with the 351 V8 in the snout, driving an auto, are quick and comfortable cruisers, particularly once they're treated to a freshen-up in the suspension department.

Parts are still (mostly) plentiful, and there are some subtle upgrades that can be done items such as brakes and bushes which can make a huge difference to high tight the car drives.

As always, the big-ticket item can be the bodywork, so check that out carefully. Most things can be fixed, and repair panels are available - it comes down to how far you can stretch the budget and whether you're fortunate enough to have the skills to tackle at least some of it yourself.

We reckon tidy versions of these cars will keep their value and even pick up a little. It won't be the basis of a retirement plan, but you'll have a lot fo fun and come out of it pretty well financially.

This example, without RWC but claiming a fresh engine, is being offered in Echuca (Vic) for $7500.

See this llnk for the ad.

See this link for the XA-XB-XC series history and drive impression.

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