Video: Ford Falcon FG G6E Turbo

Making it into our top six list of collectable Fords you should buy now is the Falcon FG G6E Turbo - the thinking person's muscle car


Ford Falcon FG G6E Turbo

In issue #385 of Unique Cars on sale now, we look at six classic and collectable Fords you should think about buying now, including the FG G6E Turbo. 

With production at Ford's Broadmeadows plant shutting down later this year, cars like the FG Falcon are creating a lot more interest as a future collectable. In our top six list, we've gone for the G6E Turbo in preference to FPV's more powerful manual F6 because we think it's a better overall package, while still being a lot of performance for the money.

Our featured car here belongs to high-profile Ford tuner, Rob Herrod, of Herrod Motorsport. (Rob also provided the mechanical and software support for our Off The Clock! project FPV GT F, back in 2014.)

In this video, Rob talks about why he chose the G6E Turbo over an XR6 for himself and how the car's reliability and drivability has been beneficial for training purposes for his business.

Read our full Six Fords To Buy Now feature in issue #385 of Unique Cars, on sale now.


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