Video: Greens'-Tuf XE Falcon returns!

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Ford fans – the legend has returned. Harry Volkmann from Volkmann Motorsport has built one of Australia's greatest race cars. But this time, we’re keeping it well away from the trees.

In a bold move by V8 Race which conducts race driving experiences for punters, they’ve brought the Greens’-Tuf XE Falcon back from the dead to give you the authentic Dick Johnson thrill in all its 80s glory. What an exciting machine it is!

We’ve taken fellow ATCC legend John Bowe back to the 80s to drive one of Johnson’s most heroic racers to tell its story and put you in the driver’s seat.

Look out for an upcoming issue of Unique Cars magazine for the full Past Blast in one of the greats. In the meantime enjoy our teaser trailer.


greens tuf 1
greens tuf 2
greens tuf 5
greens tuf 3
greens tuf 4
greens tuf 9
greens tuf 8
greens tuf 7
greens tuf 6


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