2014 Bolwell Nagari review

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2014 Bolwell Nagari 2014 Bolwell Nagari 2014 Bolwell Nagari
2014 Bolwell Nagari 2014 Bolwell Nagari 2014 Bolwell Nagari

Mix and match exotica: The locally-designed 2014 Bolwell Nagari is a potent bit of kit

2014 Bolwell Nagari review
Bolwell Nagari


2014 Bolwell Nagari

With a volume of just five cars a year, Bolwell is unlikely to be causing sleepless nights for other makers of exotica. Nevertheless this locally-designed machine is a potent bit of kit.

Weighing in at just 990kg, it’s running a mid-mounted Toyota V6 (out of an Aurion) claiming 220kW – so we’re talking a very healthy power to weight ratio. Add in a six-speed paddle shift, big brakes (with ABS), fat tyres and premium suspension, and you’re looking at a very capable two-seater.

Inside, past the bold Nagari sill plates, you’ll find a pair of Recaro CS thrones, in leather, and a Momo Millenium Evo steering wheel. Despite the sporting intent, there are creature comforts such as fast glass, air-conditioning and even a pair of cup-holders. The seating fits tall people, which is pretty logical when you realise company founder Campbell Bolwell i s a fairly lofty character.

This Nagari (the Mk X) follows a family tradition in its mixture of Japanese powerplant and local chassis. The now much-prized V8s of 40 years ago mated an American powerplant to local content. However materials have moved on over time and this is reflected in the Nagari’s exotic blend of a carbon-fibre passenger cell and wide use of carbon-fibre/glass Kevlar composities.

Looks are very much personal taste, but we reckon the styling on this machine will win a lot of hearts. It’s a little flamboyant without being over-the-top. The Healey Factory in Melbourne currently has the keys to this car and they’ll surrender them for around $148,000.


Body: Carbon fi bre/glass Kevlar panels with carbon fi bre tub
Engine: 3.5 litre DOHC V6
Power: 220kW
Torque: 340Nm
Gearbox: 6-speed paddle shift
Brakes: discs with ABS
Price: $148,000
Web: healeyfactory.com.au



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