Ford GT40 Tribute - part 6

By: Guy Allen, Photography by: Guy Allen

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GT40 tribute GT40 tribute GT40 tribute
GT40 tribute GT40 tribute GT40 tribute

Our GT40 build continues, we're now up to the mechanical components...

Ford GT40 Tribute - part 6
Ford GT40 Tribute - part 6


GT40 Tribute - Roaring Forties 

In case you were wondering, we haven’t lost the GT40 project down the back of the couch; it’s just that things have been a touch busy. To recap, we’re now at the stage where the mechanical components, including suspension, engine, transmission, pipes and hoses have all been trialfitted. The body is complete and a lot of decisions regarding the fit-out of the interior have been signed off.

Next step was to get the car off to the body shop for some final panel fit and a coat of paint. Corporate Auto Body in Melbourne is doing the honours. It has done a few of our cars and is the go-to place for Roaring Forties, the builder of this particular weapon.

However, like all good projects, this one has struck a couple of delays. The latest is simply that Roaring Forties has been flat-out dealing with a surge in customer orders, which meant the project car had to be put aside.

Never fear, it’s now in the paint booth and we expect to see a result any day now. The team has decided on a plain white duco. Okay, so that doesn’t seem the most inspired choice but there is method in their madness.

Given the ready availability of good vinyl wraps, they want the base colour to act literally as a blank canvas, to which they can apply any number of different stripes and patterns as the fancy takes them. Roaring Forties Ops Manager Adrian Sorensen’s desk is littered with miniature examples, so there is plenty of inspiration out there.

Keep an eye out for the next episode.


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