Picnic at Hanging Rock car show 2017 - our quick gallery

By: Guy Allen, Unique Cars magazine

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Great show celebrating 30 years

Picnic at Hanging Rock car show 2017 - our quick gallery
Jenny with her stunning and rare Sandman ute.

Today's 30th Picnic at Hanging Rock Car Show was exceptional, even if the numbers were a little down - we suspect the unseasonable rain caused a lot of people to reconsider their plans.

Nevertheless, the field of several hundred cars was high in quality and depth, with plenty of variety and some truly stunning vehicles on show.

And, as always, there was a fleet of very tempting cars looking for new owners, so beware anyone turning up with money in their pocket!

We salute the organisers who have built this into one of the country's foremost car shows. It hasn't happened by mistake and is a monumental job to set up.

Of course we hope you got there but, if you didn't, here's our quick gallery which is a bunch of happy snaps we took on the run.

Unique Cars mag also had a real photographer there, we have some video, and we talked to a few owners to find out more about their toys. Our own Uncle Phil chose our car of the show - which will be a little surprise - all of that will be unwrapped over coming days. Enjoy...


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