Mustang Motorsport track day gallery

By: Spencer Leech, Unique Cars magazine, Photography by: Spencer Leech, Unique Cars magazine

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On the last Saturday of January, at Sandown Raceway, Mustang owners from all over Victoria let their ponies loose at full gallop.

Organised in collaboration with Mustang Motorsport and Excel Driver Training, the Mustang Track Day was designed to give drivers the chance to push their beloved Mustangs in a safe, and non-competitive environment.

Drivers were broken up into three groups; Advanced, Intermediate and Beginner. This made sure that everyone was catered for from the seasoned track-goers to the first-time punters.

"We understand that not everyone wants to find the limits of their car but would rather just stretch its legs down Sandown’s long straights and learn how to drive around a race track," said Craig Dean, Managing Director at Mustang Motorsport.

Racing legend John Bowe stopped by during the day, speaking about his adventures over lunch, and taking various owner’s cars for a spin.

The event was initially thought up to accommodate the Mustang Motorsport customers, and other owners, who wouldn’t otherwise get the chance to drive fast at the track.

"One day I was driving to work and I got to thinking; all these guys are extensively modifying there Mustangs with superchargers and big brakes and what have you, and half of them only ever drive them on the road," said organiser Bruce.

"So I decided I’d organise a track day. How hard could it be?" Bruce asked. "It ended up being very hard. By the time you organise renting the track, the safety officials, merchandise and advertising, it’s a big job," Bruce explained, "But it was all worth it."

Fortunately, the event was a big success. A total of 37 cars drove the track, with no major incidents to report. The smiles in pit lane told a thousand words, and it’s safe to say that many of the drivers will be back to the circuit in no time.


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