Copper Coast 500 Sprint, Vic - Gallery

By: Dave Carey, Photography by: Darren Gerlach

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006 Holden HQ Monaro GTS sedan Rachel Carson
009 organisers Holden HQ Monaro GTS Rachel Carson and XW Falcon GT Bathurst Aunger replica Kevin May
161 Holden VY SS Sandman Dave Carey
Copper Coast 134
Copper Coast 139
Copper Coast 15
Copper Coast 135
Copper Coast 200
Copper Coast BMW 123
Copper Coast 177
Copper Coast commodore
Copper Coast Falcon 095
Copper Coast Camaro 110
Copper Coast Falcon 176
Copper Coast Mercedes Benz 175
Copper Coast Mustangs 171
Copper Coast Sprints 3
Copper Coast Mustang 112
Copper Coast Sprints 10
Copper Coast Sprints Celica 9
Copper Coast Sprints Falcon 4
Copper Coast VL 144
Copper Coast subaru120
Copper Coast Sprints Jaguar
Copper Coast Sprints Falcon 8
Copper Coast Sprints Falcon 6
Copper Coast Sprints Falcon 5
065 Holden LX Torana SLR5000 replica Brenton Pollard
061 Ford EB Falcon GT
024 Dodge pickup 440ci twin turbo Rob Wann
092 Chevrolet C7 Corvette Malcolm and Josh Beattie
077 Bradley Hicks Copper Coast
178 show shine Dodge Challenger
180 show shine Matt Warren s DeLorean DMC 12
174 Copper Coast 500 crowd

The Copper Coast 500 Sprint, now in its third year, is put on by the Leukaemia Foundation by way of its Aussie Muscle Car Run arm to raise funds and have fun at the same time


Copper Coast 500 Sprint, Vic

If you can’t afford to break it, you can’t afford to race it; that’s a mantra I live by; hence why I haven’t raced a car for about 15 years. So here I am at the starting line of the Copper Coast 500 Sprints in my Holden VY SS Sandman, waiting for the flag to drop. 

The Sprint, now in its third year, is put on by the Leukaemia Foundation by way of its Aussie Muscle Car Run arm. Headed by the inexhaustible Kevin May and the uncompromising Rachel Carson, the AMCR now hold a series of events across Australia with two aims; raise funds for The Foundation and have a bunch of automotive fun while doing so.

Previously known as the Kadina Muscle Car Sprints, Kevin, Rachel and local man-on-the-ground Bill Clarke elected this year to open it up to anything and everything, just so long as it was deemed interesting enough to put on a spectacle.

Here's just a sample of what showed up and keep an eye out for the full story on the event in an upcoming issue of Unique Cars magazine. 


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