Gallery: AROCA Vic 10 Hour Winton Regularity 2015

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The Alfa Romeo Owners' Club of Australia (Vic division) held its annual Winton regularity on October 17-18, but with a difference this year. The normal six hour relay was extended to ten hours across two days, to mark the club's 10th running of the event.


2015 Alfa Club 10 Hour Winton Regularity

To celebrate the 10th year of the Victorian Alfa Romeo Owners' Club's running of the very successful Six Hour Relay at Winton Raceway, the event was reinvigorated by extending the running time to a massive ten hours.  A new tiered points system that rewards hitting your nominated lap time was also introduced.

With practice and qualifying reduced to Saturday morning, the first four hours was held on the afternoon and the final six hours on the Sunday.

This event traditionally attracts the European marque clubs and this year was no exception for a full field of 41 teams.

The Supp Regs lean very heavily in creating a level playing field for all drivers and teams where any timing aids and comms are prohibited (except for the team’s lap board) meaning individual driver skill and team deployment is more paramount than the largest budget or horsepower.

The Sunday segment was marred by a potentially disastrous four-car accident that resulted in the event being red flagged for 30 minutes.  All drivers came out reasonably unscathed but two cars were beyond repair.

Apart from that unfortunate incident, the event was another huge success for the Club, made even sweeter by Team Maschi Di Alfa taking provisional first place.





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