Gallery: Hardtop Anniversary Echuca 2015

Photography by: Gary Wells

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Over a hundred of the some of the best examples of Ford Hardtops were on display in Echuca, Victoria, for the Hardtop Anniversary Show 'n' Shine held on Sunday 20 September


Hardtop Anniversary 2015 Echuca Show 'n' Shine

The Ford Coupe Club of Australia held its three-day Hardtop Anniversary event last weekend in Echuca, Victoria, which pinnacled with a public show 'n' shine display on the Sunday.

Held every second year since 2007, this year's event celebrated the 40th anniversary of the John Goss Special and Sunday's display featured 12 fine Goss examples among the 115 cars on show. 

Trophies were presented at a private ceremony on Sunday night with special significance given to the 'Murray Brown Award'.  Honouring the memory of a past club member, it is awarded to the best presented Goss Special.

Organisers estimate several hundred spectators took full advantage of the clear, sunny skies to wander through the shiny display and some passers-by even thanked the club for holding such a great event.

Autograph sessions gave the public the opportunity to meet some special guests for the day, Aussie motor racing greats from the '70s - John Goss, Kevin Bartlett, John French and Murray Carter.

The next Hardtop Anniversary has been announced to be held in Bathurst, NSW with a tentative date to be around November, 2017. The theme for the event - to coincide with the venue - will celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Moffat-Bond Ford 1-2 at Bathurst in 1977. 



HTA 2015 Trophy Winners

Best XA

Best -xa ---peter -mirabella

Winner: Peter Mirabella

1.-best -xa -runner -up ---nick -kollis

Runner Up: Nick Kollis


Best XB

Best -xb ---gary -collins

Winner: Garry Collins


Best -xb -runner -up ---anthony -thomas

Runner Up: Anthony Thomas 


Best XC

Best -xc ---brock -mahoney

Winner: Brock Mahoney

Brock's XC 'INENVY' is also a contender in Street Machine's Street Car of the Year 2015 award. See the full list of contenders and cast your vote here!


Best -xc -runner -up ---mark -horwood

Runner Up: Martin Horwood


Best Landau

Best -landau ---justin -schembri

Winner: Justin Schembri

Best -landau -runner -up ---nick -velas

Runner Up: Nick Velas 


Best Cobra

Best -cobra ---roger -crawford

Winner: Roger Crawford

Best -cobra -runner -up ---patrick -woodward

Runner Up: Patrick Woodward 


Best XA GT

Best -xa -gt ---brett -morris

Winner: Brett Morris

Best -xa -gt -runner -up ---john -hoskins

Runner Up: John Hoskins



Best XB GT

Best -xb -gt ---stuart -dearden

Winner: Stuart Dearden

Best -xb -gt -runner -up ---sean -johnson

Runner up: Sean Johnston 


Best Superbird

 Best -superbird ---adam -dunham

Winner: Adam Dunham 


Murray Brown Award for best John Goss Special

 Murray -brown -award ---jarrod -bonney

Winner: Jarrod Bonney

Murray -brown -award -runner -up ---adam -fenton

Runner Up: Adam Fenton


People's Choice

People -choice ---thomas -pulleine

Winner: Thomas Pulleine


Best Modified

Winner: Phil Edmondson

9. Best Modified - Phil Edmondson


Runner Up: Sophi Mourmouras 

9. Best Modified Runner Up - Sophi Mourmouras

Find out more about the Ford Coupe Club of Australia by visiting its website


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